Goalie Lessons

  • First 5 to 15 minutes involves stretching and warming up. Warm-ups involve detailed shots to focus on pad saves, glove saves, blocker saves, and stick or chest saves.
  • Next 30 minutes involve footwork and technique.
  • Last 15 to 20 minutes involves game situations.
Private Lessons: $60
Ice Time Fee: $15

Player Lessons

  • First five minutes involves warm-up and stretching
  • Next 25 to 30 minutes involves detail skating and power skating, as well as edges and agility skating.
  • Next 15 minutes involves hockey-specific drills.
  • Last 10 minutes involves shooting and shooting techniques. The goal is to shoot at least 100 to 150 pucks.
Private Lessons: $60
Group Lessons: $40
Ice Time Charge (both Lessons): $15




Josh RosenFeld

Whitetown Youth Hockey Association-Utica, NY


After playing with and coaching against Coach Turner, he is clearly dedicated to the sport, and more importantly, committed to making his players the most successful athletes and people they can be. He possesses the leadership, dedication, and commitment that is infectious, and his unique experience of playing both goalie and forward, as well as refereeing, provides him greater insight into the intricacies of the game. He’s a model coach.

Colin McGrane

Plano East Senior High


When a parent signs their child up for private lessons, they have certain expectations of what their child will learn and the overall lesson’s worth.  Generally, the transaction consists of paying an outside party to “fix” an aspect of your athlete’s game.  What separates the good from the great is not just the end product of a bettered skill, but the entire process and experience throughout the lesson that got the student to reach that goal.

Seth, in short, is one of the greats!  He has a plan for improvement before the lesson starts.  His energy and intensity during lessons is positive, corrective, and difficult to keep up with.  He leaves it all on the ice and is just as tired as the athlete he trains.  His drills are competitive and fun.  He even has the athlete pick up pucks move and help move things around between drills.  The entire lesson is effort and learning.  Every time my son has left the ice his cheeks are red, his head covered in sweat, and he has a big smile on his face.  Who could ask for more?